Colmers School pilot project

We have really enjoyed having a visiting group of 8 students from our neighbours at Colmers School for the last three weeks. The students were a mixture of age groups and genders but all were identified by the school as those who would benefit from some work off-site, for various reasons. 

The first week was spent doing 'the tour' and meeting all our farm animals and indoors pets. Everyone got to know each other at the same time and we rounded off the morning with a group planning session over a cup of squash and a biscuit. 

The weather was much better on the second week so after we had done the morning farm jobs together we went off for a walk into the woods and found one of our Forest School dens. We started the RSPB Big Schools' Birdwatch for Hunters Hill then headed back to the classroom for our weekly chat and snack.

Rubbish weather in the third week meant a slight change of plan but we still managed to have a go at making dream-catchers and enjoyed a hot chocolate. The group worked well together and supported each other to ensure the rabbits and guinea pigs all had a good groom, which they really enjoyed, and we also completed the plant pot challenge and set some sunflower seeds. Whose sunflower will grow the tallest?

This group was a pilot project, true 'guinea pigs' but we hope they had a good time and we look forward to working with Colmers again as their students were polite and willing to have a go at all the different activities on offer. Well done!