Our Naturesave Trust Grant

We have been fortunate to receive a variety of charitable grants and donations to our school farm and one of the most exciting ones in the run up to next academic year is that from the Naturesave Trust. More info on the trust can be found here http://www.naturesave.co.uk/the-naturesave-trust/

The Trust has generously granted us match-funding towards a growing space and we will take delivery of a huge 75ft long polytunnel before the end of July. We have worked closely with Northern Polytunnels to design a bespoke space which will allow whole classes to work together in the polytunnel on growing activities. Not only that, but as it will be sited on our camping field it will also be invaluable as a multi-functional space. What better than picking vegetables from the raised beds on one side then cooking them for your camping dinner on the benches on the other? 

Cropwood would have had its own glasshouses but we are sure the Cadbury family would approve of us using the Naturesave Trust's funding to purchase the modern alternative, giving us more more space for the money, as this will allow all students to enjoy the benefits of growing their own fruit, veg and even a cutting patch for flowers to decorate the assembly hall!

Hayley Simpkin