The Farm

British Landrace pigs, North Ronaldsay sheep, chickens, quail, ponies, horses, small animals all on our school farm.

The Farm


We have a variety of farm animals here at Hunters Hill. We own the Blackwell flock of the rare seaweed-eating North Ronaldsay sheep, and have added Whitefaced Woodlands and Leicester Longwools in 2018. We also have a some of the rarest bloodlines of British Landrace pigs, which is the closest to extinction of all the UK's native pig breeds, closely followed by the Middle White which we also have here on the farm.

We also have chickens (including rare Blue Andalusians), Bourbon Red turkeys, goats and ponies on the farm and a variety of friendly small animals and reptiles in our classroom area.

In 2018 we intend to breed sufficient animals that we can sell to fellow keepers in order to boost the numbers of our chosen breeds. All of our pigs, sheep and poultry are chosen to represent the rarest breeds and bloodlines and all of them are on the most serious pf their respective categories on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust Watchlist which can be found here


You can bring your class or group to spend the morning or afternoon helping on the farm and meeting the animals. We can tailor your visit to link with your curriculum-please contact us to discuss.